Monday, 23 December 2013

12 days of christmas: christmas dinner baguette

As yesterday's post may have indicated, I'm staying with a friend in Devon right now & yesterday we made a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner, with meat and stuffing and honey roasted vegetables galore. What's particularly exciting about this, though, is that today I've had the glorious joy of pre-Christmas Christmas leftovers. Ahhh, leftovers. Boxing day may almost be better than Christmas dinner for the endless possibilities that are offered by the humble leftover. Turkey curry, mashed potatoes, reheated veg as a vague stab at getting some of your 5 a day... What we decided to go for, however, was the Christmas dinner baguette. All the best bits of Christmas dinner stuffed inside of warm, buttered bread, just to ease the sting of the fact that Christmas is over for another year :(

I realise that Christmas is still 2 days away, and you're probably in enough of a panic thinking about Christmas dinner – let alone what comes after. But I hope, perhaps, in the food fuelled haze that you'll hopefully be in soon enough, it will occur to you to whip these bad boys up on the 26th, whilst nursing the inevitable Christmas hangover and wondering which box of chocolates to have for breakfast first. It'll hopefully use up the majority of scraps you have left lying around, with a bit of extra brie & cranberry in there too, just for good measure. It's still the holidays after all, right?

To feed 2, you will need:

  • 2 baguettes, or 1 large one in half.
  • Leftover turkey.
  • Leftover stuffing.
  • Leftover pigs in blankets.
  • Brie.
  • Cranberry sauce.
  • Butter.

1. Preheat the grill to a high heat.

2. Cut your baguettes in half & butter each half.

3. Place the buttered baguettes underneath the grill for a minute or so until the butter has melted & the bread has warmed.

4. Assemble the baguettes! Start with your meat, then pile the stuffing on top, followed by some sliced up pigs in blankets.

5. Tear some brie and scatter it over the top.

6. On the opposing side, spread some cranberry sauce.

7. Without closing the baguette, so that the filling still faces up, place the baguettes back under the grill for a few minutes until the brie has melted.

8. Close the baguette, and chow down!

Serve alongside leftover vegetables if you have any, or perhaps alongside leftover some mince pies – which seems like a far more likely option. Only 2 more sleeps!


  1. I was craving something similar from a dinner - now i think i'll try and make it myself !

  2. This looks so good - especially with the addition of brie :) They were serving 'Christmas dinner paninis' in the cafés on campus at the end of last term... believe me, this looks far more appetizing!!
    Charlotte x
    La Vie en Gâteaux

  3. In the U.S. we totally do this with Thanksgiving leftovers. It's really the best, isn't it?